A LASER cutting machine for every need

At Eagle we understand that each company processes different material types and volumes, requiring varying parameters. We have designed 3 machine series to suit all kinds of production needs, always aligning to the highest quality standards and using best-in-class components.

Choose the right LASER cutting machine for you

As seen on this video, even within high-power laser cutting machines, there’s a considerable difference in productivity between 10kW, 20Kw and 30kW.

The model and power of the laser cutting machine that’s best for your needs will depend primarily on the volume and range of thicknesses you process and the growth projections of your company.

We suggest you consider these 5 key elements:

  1. 1. Power

    For thin sheets, you won’t need powers above 12kW and should focus more on acceleration parameters. If you cut thicker plates, consider powers 15kW and above which will provide you with higher cutting capacity.

  2. 2. Cutting speed

    If cutting speed is of the essence, you want to choose a machine with high acceleration parameters. Power is a more relevant variable for thicker materials while acceleration is what you want to look at for thinner materials.

  3. 3. Cutting table size

    Consider the average sheet size you process the most and make sure the machine will be able to accommodate it. If you plan to expand your range of products, choose a table size that will allow for this growth.

  4. 4. Software and automation

    A laser cutting machine should always include intuitive software that enhances efficiency and speeds up workflow as well as automation solutions that can seamlessly integrate with the cutting system for swift material handling.

  5. 5. Usability

    Consider user-friendliness accessibility and ergonomics. The more intuitive the machine, the easier it will be for experienced and non-experienced operators to grasp its functionalities.

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New inspire 2.0

The New iNspire 2.0 embodies the pinnacle of innovation in laser cutting machines. We’ve enhanced speed and ergonomics and introduced new human-centric features to ensure an unparalleled user experience and the highest performance on the market.

New Inspire 2.0

All new operating panel

24-inch full HD vertical multi touch screen with RFID login, override step potentiometer and context illuminated intelligent buttons. Simultaneous control of head movement in the x, y, and z axes.

Machine status diode

Changes color to align with the machine’s beacon, enabling the operator to discern its status from a distance.

Human Machine Interface

New MyERIS, featuring another level of human-machine interaction.

Eagle Eye

Advanced monitoring system, supervising every aspect of the cutting process and enabling swift and remote fault detection.

Upgraded eVa Cutting Head

The latest version of our patented cutting head. The most reliable in the market, optimized for high demand and high power.

Machine Parameters

Augmented process control and flexibility, broader customization and higher adaptability. New ANC: For optimum cutting quality, continuity of production and increased nozzle life.


Color-coding application for the best performance in grouping parts.

New Safety Scanners

Placed on the pallet changer to save valuable floor space and designed to automatically reset the machine when they detect any issue.

MyECOCUT Technology

Based on the unique Eagle nozzle, it reduces gas consumption by up to 75%, allows for better edge quality, minimizes burr and keeps maximum cutting speeds.


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Cutting-edge cutting technology

Metal cutting solutions should involve a complete ecosystem aimed at enhancing all aspects of the production process. With that in mind, we have developed proprietary software and technology designed to upgrade cutting speed, optimize gas usage, expand thickness range, and elevate edge quality to cover all your cutting needs.


MyEFLY fiber laser cutting technology is designed to keep constant cutting speed by piercing “on the fly,” reducing cycle times for repetitive patterns on thin sheets.


MyFAST improves cutting and piercing efficiency by up to 30% on thin to medium sheets, reducing overall cycle times.


MyECAT Reduces burr by 90% on thick materials and can cut 20% higher thicknesses with the same power. It improves piercing and small contour cutting and increases thick sheet throughput by up to 50%.


Thanks to a peripheral device, MyEMIX automatically switches between oxygen, nitrogen and an oxygen/nitrogen mix, significantly increasing edge quality and cutting speed while reducing undesirable burr on thick materials.

Thanks to a uniquely designed Eagle nozzle, MyECOCUT reduces gas consumption by up to 75%. This technology improves edge quality and reduces burr to a minimum, keeping maximum speeds even when dealing with irregular materials.

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