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The multinational Swiss corporation ABB chose Eagle for their Finnish branch, which produces 70,000 industrial electric motors annually. “We needed a high-speed device with very tight tolerance and accuracy. We realized that the Eagle iNspire was the fastest machine on the market,” said Johan Colander, Manager of IEC LV Motors in Vaasa.

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The Finnish company Miilux, dedicated to the heavy-duty steel industry, transitioned from CO2 laser technology to an Eagle eVision 15kW fiber laser cutter, dispelling the myth that fiber lasers are not suitable for cutting high thicknesses. “I would recommend Eagle laser cutting machines to other companies. You gain the advantages of fast movement and fast cutting with good quality,” commented Harri Lukkarila, Product Manager at Miilux.

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GMB, an Italian pioneer in sheet metal processing specializing in laser cutting, sheet metal bending, and welding, aimed to reduce production times and enhance cutting capabilities. They acquired a 20kW Eagle iNspire. “The high power of the Eagle machine translates into unparalleled cutting speeds, resulting in significantly reduced production times compared to other machines available today,” said Maurizio Giustina, CEO of GMB.

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Vosse shifted from outsourcing laser cutting operations to acquiring an Eagle fiber laser cutter, gaining control, efficiency, and the capacity to expand their portfolio of steel products. Regarding the intuitiveness of Eagle’s systems, Robert Gołębiewski, CEO at Vosse, said: “The quality and speed exceeded our expectations. The machine is also very user-friendly, and employees new to fiber laser technology quickly grasped how to operate it.”

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The Polish company Serwistal is creating one of the most ambitious laser centers in Europe to continue expanding its range of services. After thorough market research, Serwistal chose Eagle’s iNspire fiber laser systems. Regarding their choice, Jakub Gróbarczyk, Commercial Director at Serwistal, said: “We were aiming for reliable, best-in-class systems that would deliver above-average speeds to build a competitive advantage from the get-go. In our opinion, only the Eagle iNspire Fiber Laser system was able to meet these expectations.”

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Success Stories:
  • ABB
  • Millux
  • GMB

The High-Five Concept

The five elements that will boost your laser cutting efficiency

  • High Performance
  • High PROFITS

High Performance

Performance is achieved through the combination of power and motion dynamics on one side, and machine components on the other. High power and acceleration parameters result in increased efficiency; however, to deliver top cutting quality at such high cutting speeds, the machine’s components must be conceived and designed to meet the challenge.

For the highest performance on the market, Eagle offers:

  • 4kW to 30kW of power
  • 2G to 6G acceleration
  • 9-second pallet exchange
  • Patented eVa cutting head for unprecedented speed
  • Ultrafast and lightweight carbon fiber traverse
  • Linear motors on all axes
  • Absolute linear encoders

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Power comparison

Acceleration comparison

High Usability

User-friendliness is of the utmost importance and can significantly contribute to laser cutting efficiency. Features to look out for include an intuitive HMI, an easy-to-operate control panel, and enhanced error prevention systems. On the mechanical aspect, you want an ergonomically designed machine where the operator can easily access internal components and has a clear line of sight between the control panel and cutting table.

For peak-level usability, Eagle offers:

  • All-new 24-inch vertical HD control panel screen
  • Upgraded MyERIS HMI for the best user experience
  • Human-centric design with optimized ergonomics, colored light buttons, and hand gesture recognition to improve workflow
  • Quick one-piece installation and easy dismount for servicing
  • Extra conveyor belt option for easier access to cut parts
Eagle Lasers - Control Panel

High Productivity

Performance and usability combined inevitably result in higher productivity. However, laser cutting efficiency can only reach its true potential when paired with material handling automation that includes loading/unloading and storage systems, scrap removal, comb cleaning, sheet measuring technology, and sorting aids. These systems not only optimize workflow but also allow for unsupervised cutting during night shifts or weekends, significantly increasing your production capabilities.

For the most demanding production needs, Eagle offers:

  • The fastest and most efficient fiber laser cutting machines on the market
  • Speed that never compromises quality
  • Proprietary automation systems built to fit the exact parameters of the fiber laser cutters
  • Flexible, modular, and expandable loading and storage setups to make the best use of floor space
  • Contactless laser sheet measuring to protect valuable material

High Reliability

If your machine faces frequent malfunctions or maintenance issues, even the highest performances won’t be helpful. A minimalistic approach to machine design reduces maintenance needs, as fewer elements in a component decrease the chances of malfunction. Also, consider component source and quality, a solid service and spare parts network, and warranty plans that ensure the proper functioning of your machine.

For the highest reliability, Eagle offers:

  • 80% of components made in-house, and 20% from the highest quality providers on the market
  • A “less is more” approach to design with only the essential elements to ensure maximum performance with minimum downtime
  • eVa cutting head with no moving parts inside and minimal maintenance requirements
  • High-end remote monitoring and error prevention technology
  • Flexible warranty plans and readily available spare parts
Eagle Lasers Eva Cutting Head Eagle Lasers - Spare Parts

High Profits

High Profits are the logical result of the last four points working together seamlessly. A machine that cuts faster using fewer consumables and requiring minimum maintenance, and that can function 24/7 thanks to automation, leads to higher production volumes at reduced operational costs. With production rates increasing and cost per part decreasing, the result is higher profits per part and increased overall profit margins.

To boost your profits, Eagle offers:

  • High powers and accelerations for ultrafast cutting
  • 9-second palette exchange for faster program-to-program cycles
  • Up to 50% less electric power requirements than CO2 lasers
  • Efficient machine construction with fewer moving parts and fewer maintenance requirements
  • Technology to cut higher thicknesses with the same power and to reduce gas consumption up to 75%
  • Seamlessly integrated automation for 24/7 production
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